Group Music Therapy

Dynamic Music Services, Inc. provides group music therapy services in the Indianapolis community with a focus on partnership and connection through music.






A group of children are paying close attention to a music therapist who is playing the guitar.
Several children sit on a picnic bench participating in music therapy.
Nursing home residents participate in group music therapy focused on connection, communication, and reminiscence.

What to Expect

What is included?

Our music therapists start with an assessment, which evaluates the group’s social functioning, communication abilities, and cognitive skills through musical responses. From there, in partnership and collaboration, your music therapist builds a plan for treatment, including ongoing sessions, evaluation, and follow-up.

Where do group music therapy services take place?

Music therapy services can be provided in our clinic space (7502 Madison Avenue in Indianapolis) or take place throughout the Indianapolis community (churches, day programs, nursing homes, businesses, facilities, etc.). Since we provide person-centered music therapy, we meet your group where they are most comfortable.

How is music therapy funded?

Music therapy group services can be funded by by businesses or non-profits or by private pay. Music therapy can also be funded through the Medicaid Waiver, which allows for up to 4 participants per group. Session delivery and documentation are included in our rates.

Kind words from a client’s family…

“Anytime someone mentions needing music therapy, I recommend Dynamic Music Services, Inc. because of the quality and level of care we receive.”