Megan Ferris


Megan Ferris (she/her) has lived around Greenwood, Indiana her whole life. Throughout her life, she always enjoyed singing. She was a part of choir during most of her life and frequently sang at home by making up her own songs about her surrounding environment. In her teens up until now, Megan found enjoyment in working concerts around Indianapolis and attending concerts with her dad. She originally wanted to pursue a career in veterinary sciences but decided her real passion lied in music therapy. 

Megan studied music therapy at IUPUI and completed her internship at Opportunities for Positive Growth in Fishers, Indiana. She enjoyed working with a wide range of populations and growing with the people she supports. Throughout her education, Megan discovered her enthusiasm for guitar and learning new instruments. She mainly works from an eclectic/humanistic perspective to highlight each person’s unique set of needs and abilities.

Some of Megan’s other hobbies include playing video games, fiber arts, and traveling. She is looking forward to working at Dynamic Music Services and building her skills as a music therapist.