Kieryn Bowman, MT-BC


Kieryn was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. Kieryn first found her love for music at the age of 8 when she began to learn the viola and violin. Kieryn continued her education with these instruments through her schools’ music programs as well as with private lessons from musicians of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Throughout high school Kieryn participated in many orchestral ensembles including Honor Orchestra of America, the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, and the All-State Orchestra. Kieryn next attended Butler University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Viola Performance. While attending college Kieryn sat as principal in the Butler Symphony Orchestra as well as performed in numerous chamber groups and with the Butler Ballet Department.

It was also during her time at Butler University that Kieryn first heard of music therapy. Soon after discovering the field, Kieryn’s passion quickly grew, and she knew that she wanted to pursue a career in music therapy. Next, Kieryn began her journey towards becoming a board-certified music therapist and earned her Music Therapy Equivalency certificate at Saint Mary of the Woods College in July 2022. Kieryn served as an intern with Dynamic Music Services, Inc. from January 2022 – July 2022 and earned her board certification in July 2022. Kieryn joined the Dynamic Music Services, Inc. team in August 2022. Kieryn continues to have a passion for viola/violin and enjoys utilizing orchestral string instruments within music therapy. Kieryn also continues to discover new passions including working with diverse populations and creating safe musical spaces for those who need it.

Meet Kieryn Bowman, music therapist