Anthony Switala, MM, MT-BC


Anthony is from Upstate New York and began studying music at the age of ten when he joined his elementary school band playing the clarinet. From there, Anthony fell in love with music and began to learn the woodwind and orchestral stringed instruments all throughout middle and high school. Anthony started his work with Dynamic Music Services in the Summer of 2021 after completing his Master of Music in music therapy at SUNY Fredonia that same year and graduated at the top of his class. Before graduate school, Anthony studied at Georgia College and State University and completed his internship at the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre in Auckland, New Zealand. During his internship, Anthony had the pleasure of working with registered music therapists primarily in school settings across the Auckland city centre.

Anthony follows a humanistic philosophy in his music therapy practice, emphasizing that all clients have free will, and works towards his clients’ goals with an unconditional positive regard. In addition to this, Anthony believes that all musical instruments can be included in the therapeutic process if they benefit the client, and strongly advocates for the inclusion of orchestral and world instruments in music therapy. He hopes to continue further in academia and eventually pursue his PhD at some point during his career as a music therapist.

Meet Anthony Switala, music therapist