Dynamic Music Services, Inc. provides music therapy and music classes in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Music therapy through the lifespan — focused on your strengths and needs.

Your child may be struggling with attention, speech/language skills, communication, and learning. Your loved one may be experiencing issues with memory, physical mobility, and socialization. You may be battling anxiety, depression, and isolation.

At Dynamic Music Services, we use music to help you:

  • Communicate and express yourself.
  • Refine your cognitive skills, memorization, and sequencing.
  • Grow your self compassion and coping skills.
  • Promote your wellness and quality of life.
  • Connect with loved ones.
  • Create your best dynamic life!

“My daughter loves music and really enjoys her sessions. Her therapist is very accommodating and supports her goals and personal ambitions. The work she does during her sessions gives her confidence, improves her expressive language skills, and compliments her interests. We are so happy to be receiving these services from DMT and grateful for her therapist’s commitment!”

Our Services

A Dynamic Music Services' music therapist leads an individual music therapy session with a young person.

Challenge & Express


Addressing the strengths and needs of individuals of all ages and all abilities through music.

A Dynamic Music Services' music therapist leads a group music therapy session in a senior community.

Strengthen & Connect


Working with groups in the Indianapolis community with a focus on partnership and connection through music.

A Dynamic Music Services' music therapist leads a music class with young children.

Grow & Learn


Offering groups at our clinic, virtually, or in the Indianapolis community focusing on your wellness and quality of life.

The 2022 Dynamic Music Services, Inc. team gathered in front of their offices in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our team of board-certified music therapists value compassion and integrity. We believe in our mission of advocacy and meeting our clients where they are at in music therapy. We know that we can help you live out a dynamic life!

“It has been a joy to see the progress Charlie has made during music therapy. His attention to task and ability to sit for a significant period of time has greatly improved. I also love that his therapists recognize Charlie’s need for speech sounds/practice and incorporate it into each and every session. I have said that Sarah and Caitlin are not only music therapists, but also physical, occupational, and speech therapists all rolled into one!! I am so grateful to have this service provided to Charlie. Dynamic Music Therapy is AWESOME!


“Music therapy has been a wonderful addition to Nic’s treatment plan, as he loves music. It creates interaction and holds his attention, which is a positive since he has such a short attention span. It’s a challenge to understand his interests. It is obvious that he enjoys the music therapy. He does not have much expressive language but he says “yes” when asked if he enjoys music therapy. I appreciate his opportunity to be engaged in this therapy. I can see progress, which is great!”


“Kyle loves Music Therapy. This is one of the joys in his life that seems to calm his inner soul. Thank you for providing such a service.”

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